La société est heureuse de rejoindre la « Dongguan Collaborative doubling Enterprise Database »

The highly concerned "Collaborative doubling Enterprise in Dongguan" can be described as "C debut" in Dongguan, but this time you don't need to envy "other people's company", because our company is also a part of it. This is the unit in the "doubling plan" pilot on the basis of a large expansion and upgrade. 

The selection process of the list of the first batch of collaborative doubling enterprises went through the procedures of organization application, town and street review and recommendation, discussion of the selection committee, second soliciting the opinions of the department and town and street, deliberation of the work meeting of the city Doubling office and approval of the municipal government, and finally confirmed the list of enterprises to be put into storage. That is, more than 1000 enterprises are selected to be included in the "collaborative doubling enterprise database", and our company is among them.


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